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Child Support

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The purpose of child support laws is to ensure that children continue to receive adequate financial support from both of their parents during and after divorce. Divorce is stressful for children and parents alike. A fair agreement or order from the court on the financial responsibilities to their children by both parents will help ensure children’s well being in the long term.

One parent will often take on the bulk of child care and expenses. Under Utah Law, both parents are financially responsible for the financial well being and care taking of their children. The parent without child custody will generally be ordered to pay child support payments to the parent with primary custody of the child. This is to recompense the custodial parent for the children’s daily living expenses, educational, clothing and medical expenses.

At Quackenbush legal we can fight to ensure that the financial burden of your child support agreement is fair, equitable and manageable for your current circumstances. Over the years sometimes your financial circumstances can drastically change and it may be necessary to adjust your child support agreement. This can help you keep up with your financial obligations while supporting your children. Whether you are paying child support or receiving payments, having Quackenbush Legal on your side, can make all the difference.

Child Support Eligibility

You can use the Utah Child Support Calculator to get a rough estimate of what your child support will be. Child support payments are based on the following criteria:

  • Both parents gross monthly income
  • The initial child support arrangement
  • Nights spent with child by each parent respectively

Child Support Agreement Adjustments may be necessary over the years. Courts require a significant change in circumstances before they will allow a child support adjustment. Here are some of the circumstances that may qualify for child support adjustment:

  • Job Loss
  • Long term medical issue
  • Drastic increase in income or expenses
  • One parent remarrying or having another child


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