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Alimony Spousal Maintenance

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During marriage one spouse will often take on the bulk of household and/or child-rearing responsibilities. This arrangement can have a long term stifling impact on the stay-at-home/part-time spouse’s career and educational opportunities.

There are two types of alimony: First, if the parties are well beyond retirement and/or have no ability to work, then a party can obtain permanent alimony. Most other alimony awards are based on the idea of rehabilitative alimony. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to ensure that the financially dependent spouse can maintain an acceptable standard of living for enough time to enable them to be on an equal career level as if they had not sacrificed their time and career opportunities to take on the role of homemaker and child caretaker.

The sacrifices you made to rear children and/or maintain the household should not result in impoverishment after divorce. At Quackenbush Legal we can help obtain court orders as well as mediate and negotiate alimony awards, so that you can receive adequate financial support until you can get back on your feet.

Alimony Eligibility

There are several factors that are used to determine whether alimony should be awarded. These factors include:

  • Duration of the Marriage
  • Children/Dependents
  • Earning Capacity of Both Spouses
  • If one spouse is at fault in the divorce (abuse, neglect, adultery)
  • Whether one or both parents have child custody
  • If one spouse supported the career/education of the other spouse financially
  • Debts and living expenses
  • The paying spouse’s ability to make payments


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