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Estate planning is the process of putting in place a plan to accumulate, protect, conserve, and distribute the things that individuals have worked their entire lives to create, build and acquire.

Wills and estate planning is an area of law where you can be proactive so that your loved ones do not have to be reactive.  It is a way for people to determine how they want their own property to be distributed to their loved ones instead of having the state make the distribution.

Recent changes in wills and estate planning have signaled exciting things in this ever-changing area of law.  Most individuals would like to establish some sort of estate planning, whether it be executing a will, revocable trust, or whether it be creating an entire estate plan.  Preparing an estate plan can help individuals obtain the following with regard to their property: control, certainty, compassion, flexibility, the assurance they have done the “right thing,” and avoidance of aggravation.

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A great estate plan is much more than just a set of tools and techniques to help people avoid certain taxes. It contemplates the issues that arise with specific people, assets and objectives, as well as addressing issues with the elderly, infirmity, incompetency, second marriages, unmarried couples, charitable giving, asset protection, mixed cultural family issues and more.


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