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Family Law Mediation

Experienced Utah Family Lawyers You Can Trust

Mediation is an alternative to having the court perform a trial in your family law case. Cooperative settlement can be helpful by avoiding the substantial cost of litigation. Mediation is significantly less expensive than a contested divorce. In most family law cases, the court will require you to attend mediation at least once.

So, how does mediation work?

First both spouses agree that they are willing to work with a mediator to help settle their dispute/s. Quackenbush Legal will then ask for typed summaries of your goals and a description of the dispute. From there we will help you in the mediation process by helping you select a mediator, prepare for mediation, and we will attend the mediation with you to help you come to a fair resolution of the case. We take care of the legal side of mediation, so you can focus on making the best settlement for you and your family.

After a satisfactory settlement has been reached by both parties, the mediator or Quackenbush Legal will write an agreement for both parties to review and sign. After the agreement is signed it becomes a contract that can be enforced by the court. If the agreement is made by a couple who are in the process of getting divorced this agreement can be part of a Decree of Divorce.

Mediation meetings are confidential, can be done in person or remotely, and can save you time and money. Mediation isn’t only for divorce cases. Mediation services can also help in adoption cases, paternity cases, and even business and property disputes.


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