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One of the Best Family Lawyers in Utah

Devin Quackenbush has been recognized as one of the “Ten Best” best family law attorneys in the state of Utah for 2014, 2015, and 2017!  This award is given to attorneys based on client satisfaction with how their respective cases are handled. Devin’s clients anonymously submitted his name for recognition to the American Institute of Family Attorneys. After his name was submitted, the AIOFA reviewed Devin’s record as an attorney and selected him from a list of many excellent attorneys in Utah.

In order to be selected for this award, a lawyer must have 10/10 in client satisfaction; have no negative feedback of any kind; be top rated by clients and peers; be an industry leader; have no bar or ethics complaints of any kind; have other awards; be involved in other legal associations; be published in legal media; have speaking engagements; and participate in continuing legal education.

If you have a domestic or family law issue, contact our award winning attorney Devin W. Quackenbush. Devin’s family law practice includes the following:

Compassionate & Professional

Experienced Utah Family Lawyers You Can Trust.

We’re the kind of law firm that you’ll be recommending to your family, coworkers, and/or friends. Many of our new clients are referrals from previous clients. 

Divorce and family law cases in Utah require sharp, compassionate and aggressive legal representation. Devin W. Quackenbush is an experienced family law attorney in Utah and Idaho. Devin regularly receives referrals from current and former clients concerning people seeking divorces, including contested and uncontested matters. Devin also regularly receives referrals from current and former clients regarding people seeking modifications in custody, child support, or visitation. Devin can help you navigate the pitfalls of many divorce agreements.

Addressing a family law issue can be stressful and emotionally draining. The divorce process has many elements that require careful consideration which Devin can help you with. A Utah Divorce can include filings with the court, a required mediation, a divorce education class, creation of a parenting plan, temporary orders, and much more. Devin has a proven track record of success in domestic and family law in Utah and Idaho, and he can help you obtain the results you would like to see from your family law issue.


Getting a divorce is a major life event that has its own complexities in every case. Choosing the right lawyer to help you through the process is essential for a positive outcome. Divorces can be emotionally and financially exhausting and to add the legal procedure on top of that can be overwhelming. At Quackenbush Legal, we understand the importance of taking your case seriously and our goal is to get you the best outcome possible, in as short amount of time possible and with as little financial burden on you as possible under the circumstances.

Every divorce is unique, and our team has the knowledge and strength and versatility to address the challenges your divorce presents you. Our team is available to provide you and your family with services tailored to your situation and we have successfully handled hundreds of divorces professionally and personally, and we are dedicated to you as a client.

Child Custody

We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in their child custody cases

When asked what the most important thing in a parent’s life is, the answer is invariably a person’s children. A child custody case can therefore be the most important legal case of a person’s life. It is important to choose an experienced law firm to ensure the best outcome possible under the circumstances. We have represented hundreds of clients in custody cases, with an eye toward the best interests of the children. Often, a child custody case is the hardest fought cases people have because they feel there is so much on the line. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your child custody case. There are many facets to a child custody case and can include:

  • Parent-time/Visitation (supervised)
  • Weekend Custody Arrangements
  • Holiday visits
  • Summer Vacations
  • Transportation
  • School Enrollment Decisions
  • Child support
  • Medical and childcare cost reimbursements

Quackenbush Legal is at the forefront of family law in Utah and we know how to handle child custody cases. Our child custody lawyers in Murray, Utah can guide you through the process and help you achieve the results you are seeking in your case.

Divorce and Child Custody Modifications

Family law, including divorces and child custody, is a unique area of law because if there is a change in circumstances, you can seek to change your decree to better suit your needs and the needs of your children. This often involves navigating mediations and courtrooms.

When it comes to modifications, Quackenbush Legal has the experience and knowledge to help you through the process so you can achieve a court order that is better suited to your situation. There are a variety of items individuals seek to change including child custody, child support amounts, alimony, and how you and the other parent interact for the benefit of your children.

Like our other family law areas of practice, the goal at Quackenbush Legal is to obtain the best outcome possible for you, as quickly as possible, and as cost efficiently for you as possible.

Family Law Mediation

Mediation is an alternative to having the court perform a trial in your family law case. Cooperative settlement can be helpful by avoiding the substantial cost of litigation. Mediation is significantly less expensive than a contested divorce. In most family law cases, the court will require you to attend mediation at least once.

So, how does mediation work? First both spouses agree that they are willing to work with a mediator to help settle their dispute/s. Quackenbush Legal will then ask for typed summaries of your goals and a description of the dispute. From there we will help you in the mediation process by helping you select a mediator, prepare for mediation, and we will attend the mediation with you to help you come to a fair resolution of the case. We take care of the legal side of mediation, so you can focus on making the best settlement for you and your family.

After a satisfactory settlement has been reached by both parties, the mediator or Quackenbush Legal will write an agreement for both parties to review and sign. After the agreement is signed it becomes a contract that can be enforced by the court. If the agreement is made by a couple who are in the process of getting divorced this agreement can be part of a Decree of Divorce.

Mediation meetings are confidential, can be done in person or remotely, and can save you time and money. Mediation isn’t only for divorce cases. Mediation services can also help in adoption cases, paternity cases, and even business and property disputes.

Some disputes that can benefit from mediation:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Alimony

  • Asset Division

  • Life & Health Insurance Division

  • Post-Divorce Arrangements

  • Guardianship

  • Adoption

  • Personal Injury


During marriage one spouse will often take on the bulk of household and/or child-rearing responsibilities. This arrangement can have a long term stifling impact on the stay-at-home/part-time spouse’s career and educational opportunities.

There are two types of alimony: First, if the parties are well beyond retirement and/or have no ability to work, then a party can obtain permanent alimony. Most other alimony awards are based on the idea of rehabilitative alimony. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to ensure that the financially dependent spouse can maintain an acceptable standard of living for enough time to enable them to be on an equal career level as if they had not sacrificed their time and career opportunities to take on the role of homemaker and child caretaker.

The sacrifices you made to rear children and/or maintain the household should not result in impoverishment after divorce. At Quackenbush Legal we can help obtain court orders as well as mediate and negotiate alimony awards, so that you can receive adequate financial support until you can get back on your feet.

Alimony Eligibility

There are several factors that are used to determine whether alimony should be awarded. These factors include:

  • Duration of the Marriage

  • Children/Dependents

  • Earning Capacity of Both Spouses

  • If one spouse is at fault in the divorce (abuse, neglect, adultery)

  • Whether one or both parents have child custody

  • If one spouse supported the career/education of the other spouse financially

  • Debts and living expenses

  • The paying spouse’s ability to make payments

Child Support

The purpose of child support laws is to ensure that children continue to receive adequate financial support from both of their parents during and after divorce. Divorce is stressful for children and parents alike. A fair agreement or order from the court on the financial responsibilities to their children by both parents will help ensure children’s well being in the long term. 

One parent will often take on the bulk of child care and expenses. Under Utah Law, both parents are financially responsible for the financial well being and care taking of their children. The parent without child custody will generally be ordered to pay child support payments to the parent with primary custody of the child. This is to recompense the custodial parent for the children’s daily living expenses, educational, clothing and medical expenses. 

At Quackenbush legal we can fight to ensure that the financial burden of your child support agreement is fair, equitable and manageable for your current circumstances. Over the years sometimes your financial circumstances can drastically change and it may be necessary to adjust your child support agreement. This can help you keep up with your financial obligations while supporting your children. Whether you are paying child support or receiving payments, having Quackenbush Legal on your side, can make all the difference. 

Child Support Eligibility

You can use the Utah Child Support Calculator to get a rough estimate of what your child support will be. Child support payments are based on the following criteria:

  • Both parents gross monthly income
  • The initial child support arrangement 
  • Nights spent with child by each parent respectively

Child Support Agreement Adjustments may be necessary over the years. Courts require a significant change in circumstances before they will allow a child support adjustment. Here are some of the circumstances that may qualify for child support adjustment:

  • Job Loss
  • Long term medical issue
  • Drastic increase in income or expenses
  • One parent remarrying or having another child


Adoption laws, parental rights and requirements vary from state to state. It is essential during the adoption process to ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements. At Quackenbush Legal we can guide you through Utah’s adoption process, ensuring that you meet all legal requirements and fill out the proper paperwork. Adding a new member to your family doesn’t have to be a legal quagmire. At Quackenbush legal we work toward a smooth transition in every stage of the adoption process.

Kinds of Adoption

Closed Adoptions vs Open Adoptions
The key difference between an open adoption or closed one is whether you can contact the birth parents or not. In a closed adoption you will not have any contact or knowledge about the birth parents. In an open adoption contact between the birth parents and adoptive parent is allowed.

Independent Adoption
Is when an intermediary is used to adopt a child. Independent adoptions are permitted in Utah and they are often the easiest way to adopt a child.

Contested Adoption
During the adoption process, sometimes the birth parent, a relative or a person acting as parent may disagree with the adoption. They may voice their objections in person at the adoption hearing or in writing, by sending it to the court within 30 days of the adoption notice. Contesting an adoption complicates the adoption process, since two people are now making legal claims on the child. Having an attorney on your side in this situation can make all the difference.

Relative Adoption
Sometimes due to circumstance it can be necessary to adopt a relative. The adopted relative can be a child or an adult. To get started in the process you will need to get in touch with an adoption agency. They will assess your ability to support and take care of a child.

Stepparent Adoptions
For a stepparent to adopt kids they will need the custodial parent’s approval. Both parents must live with the child for at least a year before the adoption can be finalized.

Foster Care
The biological parents of foster care children no longer have legal guardianship. Thus children in foster care can be adopted. Whether you are a foster parent interested in adopting your foster child or interested in starting a family adopting from foster care is a good option.

Domestic Violence

If you are facing domestic violence it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. For your safety you may need a protective order for you and your children. Domestic violence can also  affect short and long term visitation and child custody rights. It is essential for the health and safety of you and your children that you have an experienced, compassionate family lawyer on your side. At Quackenbush Legal, we specialize in family law and have helped many families like yours with protective orders and stalking injunctions.

If you or your children’s safety is in danger we recommend that you call 911 first before contacting Quackenbush Legal for further help. 

Under Utah law, domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior of one partner towards another. An arrest may be made if there is probable cause that the abuser has recently injured the victim, violated a protective order or if the accused may hurt the victim again. Utah courts take domestic violence seriously. For further information on getting help, visit SLC’s police page about domestic abuse. It lists steps and resources to get you and your children back on their feet safely.

If you have been accused of domestic violence it is a serious matter. Some of the consequences could be:

  • Losing your parental rights

  • No longer being allowed to possess a firearm

  • Potential felony charge if you already have a domestic violence conviction or a conviction for violating a protective order

Having an experienced law team like Quackenbush Legal on your side can help mitigate the potential long term consequences of a domestic abuse accusation. At Quackenbush Legal we can help protect your parental and other rights that can be at risk after a domestic abuse accusation.


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